In 2008, one videogame revolutionized the Japanese market and quickly earned a spot among the most popular videogames in the world.

Created by Level-5, Inazuma Eleven combined role playing features (levelling up, acquiring new skills, buying and selling items, achievements…) with characteristics of soccer videogames (dribbling, matches, football players…), as well as impressive special moves.

OLM and Level-5 produced a TV series based on the game. Broadcasted on TV Tokyo soon after the game’s release, it reached record audience ratings. The Inazuma Eleven phenomenon was born.

In Europe, the series has aired on leading children’s television networks, attracting higher audience rates than those of each channel’s average ratings.

Inazuma is always amongst the 5 most watched shows when it is broadcast, often reaching the 1st position in several countries such as Poland, Italy, Netherlands or Portugal.

Furthermore, Inazuma Eleven has become a reference within the European Licensing sector, with a constant presence on said field’s professional media. It has gained such relevance that its licensing program has been developed in several European countries at the same time. The property has more than 400 licensed product references in the countries in which it is present.

Inazuma Eleven never fails to show up in international licensing fairs, including those as prestigious as London’s Brand Licensing Europe, the Licensing Expo in Las Vegas, the Licensing Forums of Milan, Barcelona and Madrid, and the Kazachock Forum of Paris.