The Raimon Eleven, led by Mark Evans, joined their former enemies and rivals to form Inazuma National, the national youth soccer team.

With the aim of becoming number one in the world, they entered the Football Frontier International tournament, facing off against the finest players from each country. After many tough games, they emerged victorious.

10 years have passed since that triumph… 

Thanks to Inazuma National’s victory at FFI, soccer has become so popular and important that the strength of a school’s soccer club is equated to the school’s overall quality.

Raimon Junior High, in particular, is known far and wide as one of the finest soccer schools in the country, thanks to its record of producing so many Inazuma National players.

Arion Sherwind, a young soccer fan, can barely contain his excitement now that his dream of attending Raimon Junior High is finally coming true.

He wanders the campus in search of the soccer team…  But when he finds it, he discovers the entire team has been decimated by a single opponent!

That opponent is named Victor Blade, and he’s been sent by Fifth Sector, a league organization that seeks to have the Raimon Junior High soccer club disbanded.

Soccer in Japan is now controlled by Fifth Sector — all schools must conduct matches according to the league’s orders.  Though still a novice, Arions’s passion for the sport drives him to take on Victor Blade all by himself.

With soccer under the control of Fifth Sector and its mysterious leader — the “Holy Emperor” Álex Zabel — the game has lost all sense of joy amongst its young fans.

But the sight of Arion giving his all in the true spirit of soccer changes everything…

Arion’s battle to bring back the real meaning of soccer has begun!